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So why Do Guys Ghost Following Hookups?

There’s a lot of reasons why guys ghosting after set-up. Oftentimes, they ghost because they’re scared of commitment or just haven’t uncovered the right person to date yet.

When you’re going through sex, you’re likely to feel an emotional superior. That’s mainly because oxytocin, the hormone on sale since the body following intimacy, is recognized to make people come to feel closer plus more connected.

Yet , sex may also lead to emotions of rejection, especially if the person you’re with isn’t delivering what you want. Getting ghosted following sex could be heartbreaking.

The real reason for their ghosting may currently have nothing to do with you or your feelings, nonetheless instead, they’re on a diverse page and aren’t interested in pursuing you.

It’s rare a clear picture of what the ghoster wants when they’re not communicating with you, says Niloo Dardashti, PhD, a relationship expert and psychologist in New York City. « They might have ghosted since they tend currently have a clear concept of what they want, or they’re nonetheless trying to figure out their particular feelings and emotions, inch she gives.

They’re seeing someone else

It’s prevalent for folks to change their minds about a girl they’ve been seeing, especially after they have sexual intercourse. This can be a end result of jealousy, lust, or just an over-all feeling of confusion. It might also be mainly because they have already accomplished someone they prefer.

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